Parent Testimonials

“Having our daughter at Humming Hive has been the best ‘preschool’ we could have imagined.  The wonderful Waldorf-inspired outdoor school is so very inspiring and has given her a safe, creative environment to connect with nature and with children.  I can see in her a deep respect for the natural world as well as a tough confidence and excitement about learning.  It is a wonderful place for those looking to give their children a rich human experience more closely resembling our evolutionary past.”

“Christy is amazing.  To watch her with the children is pure wonderment.  The love, admiration and respect that she inspires in them for herself and each other is a gift that she has.  The practical things that she teaches about the forest and the planet are lessons that will be invaluable to them for their entire lives.  In my opinion, there is no better way to prepare a child for life than to send them to Humming Hive.”

“This school has been an amazing experience for our whole family! Our daughter loves her school and has so much fun playing with her friends, learning about nature, and being outside in the woods every day.  We are thankful for such warm and loving teachers who offer their guidance and support in such a loving way, creating an environment where each child loves to come to school and is thriving.”

“We love Miss Christy.  She is so incredibly patient and kind and creates a warm and welcoming environment.  When my son started halfway through the year, she talked to the other children about welcoming a new friend.  They were so kind to him, the new kid, on that first day, that he came home practically glowing.  The kids are always involved in meaningful and fun projects and the stories and songs that they learn are really lovely.  I love the respectful way that Miss Christy speaks to the children (and the parents) and the calm she exudes.  It is clear that she loves children and really knows how to communicate respectfully.  It has been a wonderful experience to be outdoors year round.  The recommended clothing really does keep the kids warm, dry, and happy even in the coldest and wettest weather and my son has loved the extra outdoor playtime and learning more about the forest.  Anytime he wants to learn more about something related to the forest or crafts, he says, “we should ask Miss Christy, she would know!”  My son has learned so much from Humming Hive and it is just a really special place to thrive.  I wish that I could go too!  The other parents and Miss Christy’s helper are also really lovely.  We feel so grateful to have found Humming Hive and drive all the way from East Vancouver to join this amazing community.”

“Humming Hive has changed our lives in all the best ways. I can’t imagine doing preschool any other way!”