Enrollment Application

Humming Hive

To enroll, please read the Humming Hive Parent Handbook, submit your application, and attend an Open House.  Once we have received your application and you have come for a tour, we will contact you to schedule an enrollment meeting.  Thank you!

This application is for the preschool program only.  Please see Parent-Child and Forest Fridays pages to find out how to register for these programs.

Please answer ALL questions


Please answer the following questions.

How did you hear about Humming Hive?


Does your child have siblings? If so, please list their names and ages.

Please tell us about your child (temperament, likes/dislikes, special needs,etc….)

Please tell us about your family and your daily rhythm (eating habits, how you spend your free time, bedtime routine, etc…)

Why are you interested in an outdoor program for your child?

If we were to offer an after-care program at an extra cost, from 1pm-3:30pm, would you be interested in this?
If you are interested in after-care, is it necessary for your child’s enrollment?

Has your child ever been in any school or organized activity before? If so, what was your/their experience with this?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child?

Please check that you have read and agree with the following statements:

I understand that in order for my child to participate in this program, they need to arrive each morning with all of the appropriate layers and gear to keep them warm and dry, and with a healthy lunch.

I am aware that my child will leave the fenced-in backyard with the group each day, and be spending time in a forest with no fences. This program is NOT appropriate for children who are prone to wander or who do not respond to verbal requests or boundaries. The children will pee outside and use composting toilets while at this program.

I understand that the owners of the property, where Humming Hive takes place, are not responsible for any of the activities or safety of the children, and therefore are not liable for any accidents that happen on their property.

By submitting this application for enrollment in Humming Hive I am asserting that I understand and agree with the above statements.